For words alone are certain good - WB Yeats poems inspiring designs
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for words alone are certain good sing then wb yeats quote by amanda gorman poet

For words alone are certain good

The Poetry of Inauguration Day 2021

I spent last night, until the very small hours watching back the live coverage of the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. One of my favourite moments was the reading by American Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman If you haven’t yet heard it you can listen in full in the video tweet below.

Afterwards she tweeted this. It was very appropriate that she chose Yeats as it is well known that Biden has a love for Irish poetry.

for words alone are certain good sing then wb yeats quote by amanda gorman poet

The Irish Interest

If you love poetry, as I do, I would highly recommend following the Irish ambassador in America Daniel Mulhall. Here he recited one of Yeats poems Down by the Sally Gardens and dedicates it to President Biden. Accompanied by violinist Patricia Treacy, who later performed at the inauguration ceremony

The full poem that the Yeats quote is taken from is called The Song of the Happy Shepherd. A bit long for me to ever make a pencil set from it! Even with The Second Coming poem I had to separate it out over 5 pencils.

surely some revelation is at hand, surely the second coming is at hand

The Song Of The Happy Shepherd

The woods of Arcady are dead,

And over is their antique joy;

Of old the world on dreaming fed;

Grey Truth is now her painted toy;

Yet still she turns her restless head:

But O, sick children of the world,

Of all the many changing things

In dreary dancing past us whirled,

To the cracked tune that Chronos sings,

Words alone are certain good.

Where are now the warring kings,

Word be-mockers? – By the Rood,

Where are now the warring kings?

An idle word is now their glory,

By the stammering schoolboy said,

Reading some entangled story:

The kings of the old time are dead;

The wandering earth herself may be

Only a sudden flaming word,

In clanging space a moment heard,

Troubling the endless reverie.

Then nowise worship dusty deeds,

Nor seek, for this is also sooth,

To hunger fiercely after truth,

Lest all thy toiling only breeds

New dreams, new dreams;

there is no truth Saving in thine own heart. Seek, then,

No learning from the starry men,

Who follow with the optic glass

The whirling ways of stars that pass –

Seek, then, for this is also sooth,

No word of theirs – the cold star-bane

Has cloven and rent their hearts in twain,

And dead is all their human truth.

Go gather by the humming sea

Some twisted, echo-harbouring shell.

And to its lips thy story tell,

And they thy comforters will be.

Rewording in melodious guile

Thy fretful words a little while,

Till they shall singing fade in ruth

And die a pearly brotherhood;

For words alone are certain good:

Sing, then, for this is also sooth.

I must be gone: there is a grave

Where daffodil and lily wave,

And I would please the hapless faun,

Buried under the sleepy ground,

With mirthful songs before the dawn.

His shouting days with mirth were crowned;

And still I dream he treads the lawn,

Walking ghostly in the dew,

Pierced by my glad singing through,

My songs of old earth’s dreamy youth:

But ah! she dreams not now; dream thou!

For fair are poppies on the brow:

Dream, dream, for this is also sooth.

Sing, then

Sing, then. I think many will say that their interest in American politics has only strengthened over the past 4 years.

And as yesterday the 20th January 2021 passed. And a new President resided in the oval office.

As he spoke yesterday about the future and going forward. About a zero tolerance for a lack of respect amongst those who worked for him.

I think the world breathed easy and the words that sum it up for me are.

Sing, then. For there is joy in the words of a good man.

for words alone are certain good sing then wb yeats quote by amanda gorman tweeted