Haruki Murakami Quote: Wednesday Wisdom
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Spring is the time of planning and projects by leo tolstoy book quotes inspirational

Making plans & crafting routine

This is the second post In my weekly quote series which I will be publishing every Wednesday.

The quotes are inspired by my love of books and literature and will often come fromwhat I am currently reading, a quote or line that I have written down or from one of my favourite authors. So yes you can expect a lot of Austen.

Today we are looking at words from Leo Tolstoy and Goal setting. Namely how to set yourself a goal and actually keep it.

Wednesday Wisdom: Spring is the time of plans and projects

Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves with the epic size of our goals. We make lists a yard long of New Year goals. And in doing so we set ourselves up for failure.

I love this quote because it is simple and true. And it is about taking the time to make plans.

Setting Goals

The best thing you can do is get yourself a pen and notebook and write what you would like to achieve on the first page. Then break it down into small manageable steps.

Be realistic in the time that you have to dedicate to the task and don’t ask too much of yourself, especially at the start. While you may be full of enthusiasm when you begin you may soon find yourself overwhelmed and lose heart.

My Goal: Improve my morning routine.

I  have become an avid listener of the Create and Thrive Podcast with Jess Van Den and have just recently signed up for her Year to Thrive course.

One mantra that Jess talk’s about again and again is her Morning Routine. And I am ashamed to say that I have fallen off the wagon of my own routine. Too often I am jumping out of bed and barely grabbing cereal before I rush off to the studio.

The small steps I am taking to Craft a Better Morning Routine are:

1 – Reading before bed. I am making a conscious effort to turn off my phone and other devices and taking the time to read before I sleep. This is not just about the artificial light although Here is a great article from the National Sleep Foundation on it. It is also about me attempting to switch off my brain from work and being self employed I find that very hard to do.

2 – Plan the night before  To help me switch off I am starting to make my TO DO LIST the night before. Writing out all the things that I need to get done the next day. I also write a to do list at the start of the week that looks at my overall monthly goals to make sure that I am staying on top of all my Big picture goals too. By writing it all down its out of my brain and I’m not worrying about forgetting anything.

3 – Start Small I am not foolish enough to think that I can suddenly say that I am going to get up at 5am and jump right into the day. So I am  starting small. Each week I am setting my alarm for a little bit earlier. And sticking to it even when I really want to roll over. The worst thing you can do is hit snooze!

4 – Taking a Moment Take a few moments to relax into your day. I used to be an avid Yoga goer and I am starting to incorporate just a few minutes of stretching into my Morning Routine. While the ideal would be to go and do a much longer exercise like a run I am starting small. As the mornings get brighter I am planning to incorporate a short walk in the morning. Taking a moment to breath in the fresh air before I start on my day.

Your Goals

I would love to know what goals you have planned, definitely take a moment to listen the Create and Thrive Podcast I mention above and get in touch on social media to let me know what plans and projects you have in mind for this Spring! You can find me on