Librarian Gift - I'm a librarian what's your superpower pencil set
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I’m a librarian what’s your superpower pencil set


A set of library inspired pencils, the perfect gift for the librarian in your life. With the very appropriate quote on the pencil box lid of

“I’m a librarian what’s your superpower?”

Each pencil in your set has a different Library associated word and its etymology and the word definition.

See the full description below.

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Librarian Gift Pencils

This set of five pencils was inspired by the dictionary pencil set and a special customer order I made for a Librarian who was retiring.


Each of the pencils in your box has a different word that you associate with librarians. The pencil has the meaning and definition of that word. I have always loved word etymology, so creating a set like this was so much fun.


Your five HB pencils come in their own custom pencil box. The lid of your pencil box comes with the very appropriate quote

I’m a librarian, what’s your superpower?

The words I selected for the Librarian pencils were:

Librarian, \ˈli·​brar·​i·​an \: n. custodian of a library, first known use was in 1702. An earlier form of the word was library-keeper dating from the 1640’s & librarian had been used in the sense “scribe, one who copies books” as early as the 1660’s.


Library, \ˈli·​brary \: n. a place for books,dating from the late 14c. Derived from the Anglo-French librarie meaning a collection of books; bookseller’s shop. Which in itself comes from the Latin librarium “book-case, chest for books,” and libraria “a bookseller’s shop. The Latin root of the word liber originally described “the inner bark of trees”.


Bibliophile, \ˈ\ : n. a lover of books especially a collector of rare books. First known use was in the 1820’s. The word is derived from the Greek words  biblion which means ‘book’ and philos meaning ‘to love or friend’. Associated : Bibliopole, a dealer in books


Book, \ˈˈbu̇k \: n. a set of written sheets of skin or paper or tablets of wood or ivory. From the old English boc “book, writing, written document”. Originally meant any written document but gradually narrowed by early Middle English to “a written work covering many pages fastened together and bound. Derived from the ancient Germanic bōók(ó)-, from bokiz “beech”. From the practise of inscribing runes on beechwood tablets; or carving in the tree itself.  


Dewey Decimal system, n. A library classification system that organises information into 10 broad areas subdivided numerically into progressively smaller topics. Designated by a 3-digit number and subdivisions are shown by numbers after a decimal point. Created in 1885 by Melvil Dewey (1851-1931) who proposed it 1876 while acting librarian of Amherst College.


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Have your Librarian gift pencils gift wrapped. I use pages from a vintage encyclopaedia for your gift wrapping which really gives that extra added touch of interest.



5 x HB 3 sided timber pencils FSC certified. unvarnished from sustainable forests.

Each pencil is sealed with a hard wearing matt varnish that prevents the text from fading.



Pencil Length 17.5cm

Black gift box Dimensions 20.4cm L x 4.6cm W x 1.8cm D

six0six design – Ireland

Read the story of the Librarian pencils design process and where it all started