An interview with Irish Lifestyle photographer Christine Burns
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Interview: Christine Burns Photographer

Welcome to my interview with photographer Christine Burns.

Christine Burns: Photographer

Christine is a photographer with an incredible eye for capturing the smallest of moments, at putting people at ease and producing beautiful, heartfelt work.

You might have seen Christine Burns work in Image Interiors Magazine where she has photographed Irish makers at work, including Fan Regan and KaroArt and The Informal Florist to name a few.

She has just completed a beautiful collaboration with the The Peelo School of Dance  and I am sure is busy editing photos from the latest wedding as I type!

You are introduced to a stranger at a party, they ask you what you do, how do you answer?

This is something I still struggle with ! I should say “A Photographer” but it usually comes out like the “… well I do some photography and I am at home with the kids !!!! “ I am progressing to saying “I have a small photography business” – I think it is because I am self taught and it started out as a hobby that I find it hard to say it.

Why do you do what you do and what inspires you?

A love of photography, this love has always been with me. Providing some nice memories for people is kind of good too.

Wedding Photography: Capturing a moment wedding photo by  Christine Burns

Wedding Photography: Capturing a moment

What is your morning routine? 

A good morning would be – kids off to school, a walk to wake me up, a bit of housework, make a smoothie and start some work, however working for myself this changes a lot, so it varies

Five things you wish you had known starting out 

1 – Spend less time on the Web
2 – Those amazing creative people you admire everyday – they have doubts too !
3 – Stop trying to be what others are
4 – You can do it
5 – Oh and the boring bit … Learn more about TAX etc

Five tools that help you run your business 

Meetups with other photographers etc – so important

Lightroom, Photomechanic, Photoshop etc for my editing

Blogstomp for creating blogs

My shootsac – easy access to my lens, cards etc when shooting

A good professional camera & professional lens etc


Dance Recital photography by Christine Burns

Dance Recital photography by Christine Burns


If money was no object what three things would you change straight away and what three would you still do?

1.Have an office out of the house but close by … a little space in the garden

2. A natural light studio

3. Travel more

still do ..
1. Keep my business going

2. Try not to give in the constant request for stuff from our kids ! Hang on to our values.

3. Live in Ireland

A photograph from Christine’s at work series featuring kathleen McCormick

How do your customers find you? 





Social Media. Do you use it, what platforms have worked the best, what tips do you have? 

Yes – Facebook for reaching out to clients. Twitter for connecting with other photographers etc, Instagram for amazing photos
It is great but can suck you in and drag you down, try not be a slave to it, and remember people are mostly showing the good bits of their lives !


The Informal Florist

 Are you…

Apple or PC  Apple

Tea or Coffee Depends on time of day, but always coffee when out

Digital recording or paper paper

Country or City Bit of both please

Early Bird or Night Owl Somewhere in between!

From Matt Jones: Lennon or McCartney? Lennon


 What is your favourite…

Book Too many, I read a lot, but anything from Isabel Allende always works

Film Any one I can watch more than once

Place somewhere the sun is shining & we are on holidays

Quote “Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened” Dr Seuss















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