It's Back to the Future Day. Synchronize your watches
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back to the future film anniversary and pen

It’s Back to the Future Day!

It’s Back to the Future Day! Not sure what the internet is talking about then read on.

Fifteen years ago a film was made. Back to the Future was released on the 3rd July 1985. It was written by Bob Gale and Robert Zemekis, the two came up with the idea for the film when Gale mused on whether he would have been friends with his father if they had gone to high school together.

Back to the future follows Marty as Doc sends him back in time in his pimped up DeLorean time machine. Where chaos ensues as he tries to avoid his mother hitting on him, save his parents romance and survive high school in the 50’s long enough to get back home, Back to the Future.

back to the future the future is coming back

It became a sci-fi classic, a cult hit that tapped into something in so many peoples psyche,  It connected with the adventurers in us all. The heart warming friendship between the films lead Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox  and Doc played by Christopher Plumber carried through all three films.

One of my favourite quotes of all time comes from this film

Michael J. Fox was not the first actor to take on the role, though he was first choice he was tied down with filming his hit tv series Family Ties. But the actor the producers chose, Eric Stoltz was not felt to be a good fit when filming began and second time lucky they secured Fox.

back to the future delorean time travel machine doc and marty

back to the future delorean time travel machine doc and marty

It is in the second instalment in the trilogy Back to the Future II that Marty McFly time travels forward into the future, persuaded by Doc that he needs to help save his children.   And the 21st October 2015 was the day that he jumped forward to. So that’s what everyone is getting excited about. The future is no longer the future, its now today and tomorrow it will be the past. Hmm, this time travel thing is confusing. The 2nd film is also where we see hover boards as a mode of transport. Funnily enough that did not come to pass in real 2015 but there are plenty who have tried or will give you the instructions to make your own. People are awesome.

I created this film pen inspired by the Back to the Future film. I was thinking of ideas for film fans and this came into my head. You can see that my favourite quote gets a mention here too!

Keep your favourite film close to hand with this new film review pen by six0six design

Keep your favourite film close to hand with this  film review pen by six0six design

Let’s talk facts:

Back to the Future spent 11 weeks at number 1 in the American box office!

It grossed over $300 million dollars worldwide making it the highest grossing film of 1985

It won a whole host of awards, including an Academy Award for Best Sound Effects Editing.

Celebrate Today: the Guardian have a super A – Z listing of what the Back to the Future Film got right and what it definitely got wrong. Read it here

roads where we're going we don't need roads back to the future quote

roads where we’re going we don’t need roads back to the future quote