Make your own envelope. With inner lining & matching confetti
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make your own envelope with matching confetti and lining

Make your own envelope

A simple tutorial on how to make your own envelope

Sometimes I add them into orders, I always use them when I want to send a special note and they are really pretty when you match them up with the confetti hearts to theme your whole gift. I will be adding more tutorials shortly on how to make matching gift tags, bunting and wrapping paper.

But first lets get started on making our lined envelopes.

materials you will need to make your own envelopes decoupage

The materials you will need to make your own envelope are very simple to source.

1 – Your templates – Download below

2 – Confetti You can get the Shakespeare confetti here and see the whole range of confetti here (including our map ranges and novels)

3 – Paper for the insets. eg: Dictionary pages, comic books, maps etc

4 – Craft Knife. Make sure it is sharp. A blunt blade will cause it to tear the paper.

5 – Double sided tape. I used 5mm thick tape for this project. You can get this in most art and hobby shops. Its worth going for a good quality one as you want it to hold it’s stickiness. 3M is a good brand to use as it stickit.

6 – Ruler and pen/pencil

7 – Material for your envelope. I used old manila folders for mine. (Recycle!)

8 –You will also need something to cut on, I use a small self healing cutting mat which you can buy in any good art shop or online here. I have a Crimson and Blake one at the moment. This
Blackspur BB-CM110 A4 Cutting Mat is really good value at only £2 sterling on amazon. If you don’t have a cutting mat I have used hardboard or some heavy cardboard.

This template makes a 10cm x 10cm envelope when closed.

Step 1-2

Print out your two templates (see above) and cut out. (I use a craft knife as is easier to be accurate with the lines than when using a scissors I find).

When cut out lay your envelope template on top of your envelope material. In my case the old manila folders. Cut around your template carefully, making sure that the template doesn’t move.

step 1 and 2 cut out your templates and select your material to make your envelope

Step 3 –  using the back of your knife score the fold lines at all sides of your envelope. This works well with the type of craft knife I am using. If your knife ends up cutting the card (experiment on a scrap piece first) then use a bone folder or anything with a thin point to it.

step 3 using the back of your knife score the fold lines at all sides of your envelope

Step 4 – 7 Lay your inner template on top of the section you want to use for inside your envelope. Remember that the top part will be what is seen the most. Cut out and using your ruler fold along the top crease line (see the dotted line on your template). Then stick double sided tape to all the edges including on one side of the crease line (see final image below)

step 4 to 7 making the inset inner lining for your envelope

Step 8 stick your lining down to your outer envelope. Make sure it is fully stuck.

stick the inset down to the inside of your envelope

steps 9 – 11 Fold your two side panels in and then fold your bottom panel on top of them. Lightly mark where the bottom panel overlaps the side ones. This then gives you a guide of where to stick your double sided tape down to. Apply the tape pull up and carefully stick your envelope together.

steps 9 - 11 mark where the bottom flap overlaps the side ones and stick down your double sided tape

Now you are finished making your envelope time for the finishing touches!

now you are finished making your envelope time for the finishing touches

You can use confetti to add little finishing touches to the envelope.

To make a card or notelet to fit inside your envelope simply cut a piece of card (or heavy paper) 8.5cm high x 17cm long and fold in half.

adding the finishing touches to your envelope stationery project

Glue on one of your confetti hearts to your card

Adding some final details to your diy Shakespeare envelope
shakespeare themed stationery with a make it yourself envelope and matching card

And pop it in your little envelope

How to make your own envelope

To finish it off use another confetti heart to seal the envelope. I use double sided tape on the back of the heart to seal as you don’t want to get any glue inside

Adding book confetti to your envelope

You can also add more confetti inside the envelope so when the person opens it they get a little shower of paper hearts!

Her is one done using the map hearts and paper

Make your own map lined envelope with matching confetti
Vintage map confetti and diy envelope

Signed, sealed, delivered. I’m yours!

Check out the collection of confetti here.