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my reading life 2019 the books I read the life of a book lover

In 2019 I set a challenge for myself

To read more good books, to read more new books and to watch less Netflix

How I started

There are a few things that I did to help myself with this task. I started using my local library again last year and I have found it a fountain of reading material.

And they are so fantastic at getting in books that are on my to read list.

So every time I pop in I get up my goodreads to be read list and see what books I can go about getting.

Breaking the Habit

In January I got rid of the youtube app from my phone as I found I was spending those precious moments before bed watching blooming youtube videos about marie kondo, film trailers, watercolour painting and lord knows what else!

I had also rid myself of the facebook app from my phone a year or so ago and it is the BEST thing that I ever did. As with youtube I had gotten into far to easy a habit of simply clicking in and scrolling through.

I decided to make it harder to do these things, so that I could give myself a chance of breaking the habit. On a side note I also have a facebook newsfeed blocker on my desktop and laptop.

Conscious Reading

In February I cancelled my Kindle Unlimited subscription which I had had for a few months. With KU I go through phases, I renew it when I know there is a series I want to read or if there are a few books on it that I want to dig into.

But I find if you don’t have a reading plan with KU you can spend literally HOURS digging through all the books on there and come away with 50 million crime novels and not a book to read between them.

What I found was happening was that I was rereading my favourite books and I was really trying to spend my reading time on NEW BOOKS this year.

What were those favourite books you might ask, well check out my February post to see me chat more about that.

Monthly book life

Each month I have been adding a little synopsis of the books that I have read onto the end of my newsletter, but you only have so much space in a mailing so I wanted to expand on that. I also wanted to create a space for myself to look back on the books that I had read and loved or not so much loved in 2019

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